Weather Routing Inc. (WRI) is a private meteorological consulting firm and is the world leader in the marine industry since 1961. WRI’s staff of trained, degreed, and certified Marine Meteorologists are available 24/7, 365 days a year, providing worldwide marine weather forecast and routing services for ocean crossings in ALL OCEAN BASINS as well as more localized areas such as the Florida/Gulfstream/Bahamas region, the Caribbean, the Mediterranean, and much more. Our expertise ranges from worldwide weather forecasts and routing services for vessels large and small, performance analysis to analyze speed and consumption for commercial vessels to protect your financial interests, and many other areas worth considering for commercial vessels or business.


WRI provides detailed forecast advisories and information for: yacht transits, regatta / yacht races, fishing tournaments, and marinas. Our commerical services team can assist your cruise liners, container and bulk ships, tugs/barge transits as well as site/port forecasts. WRI’s specialized services include: adverse weather and Tsunami wave advisories and alerts, tropical/hurricane alerts, GRIB files, and much more. These are always provided in a timely and a clear/concise manner to give you exactly what you need for your vessels.


If you are interested in an online weather service, please click on the links below for more information about our online weather services Dolphin Fleet Management and SeaWeather. These services provide unlimited access to real-time and forecast information for users to view.